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"Uzbek sport is a space free from doping!"

Agency news

A press conference was held regarding the Tashkent conference
WADA President Witold Banka visited Tashkent to attend the conference
The respect and honor shown to the Japanese people in Tashkent
The 2022 World Cup qualifiers of the national team of Uzbekistan have been postponed to next year
Ministry of Sports: The process of admitting applicants for a special form of distance learning has begun
Valtteri Bottas has extended his Formula 1 contract with Mercedes
Became the Secretary of the Security Council for the Triathlon Federation and the Minister of Defense for the MMA Association.
Ministry of Sports "Stay at home! Join life! ” re-announced its award-winning challenge

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Fight with doping

The Russian anti-doping agency RUSADA is called upon to counteract the use of doping in sports. RUSADA's activities are aimed at protecting the health of athletes and protecting their right to participate in doping-free competitions. RUSADA is tasked with identifying and preventing anti-doping rule violations.
If an athlete is medically required to use a drug that contains prohibited substances, the athlete must apply for a therapeutic use authorization from RUSADA or an international federation.
The World Anti-Doping Agency publishes the Prohibited List annually, which lists drugs and methods that are prohibited for use in sport. Each athlete is personally responsible for the ingestion of a Prohibited Substance or for the use of Prohibited Methods.
Internationally, the fight against doping is regulated by the UNESCO and Council of Europe Conventions and the World Anti-Doping Code. In Russia, on the basis of these documents, the All-Russian Anti-Doping Rules have been developed, which apply to all Russian athletes and all athlete's personnel.


The main activities of RUSADA are doping control activities, the implementation of educational programs, the promotion of healthy and fair sports, cooperation at the national and international levels. The main goal of the organization is contained in the RUSADA slogan "For fair and healthy sport!"

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