To athletes

To athletes


ADAMS (ADAMS - Anti-doping administration and monitoring system) is an online program for collecting and storing data. Each athlete has a personal profile, where his location, doping tests and their results, permits for the therapeutic use of drugs are placed.

Who can use the ADAMS system?

Athletes and their agents (authorized coaches, doctors, team managers, etc.);
National Anti-Doping Agencies;
Regional anti-doping organizations;
International sports federations and organizations;
National sports federations;
Organizers of major sports events;
World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA);
Anti-doping laboratories accredited by WADA.

What information should be provided?

►Contact (phone, email) information

► Current residential address

► Training schedule

► Information about upcoming competitions

► More location information for each day

► One hour interval for test every day (one hour interval)

All information must be detailed and up-to-date!


How reliable is the information stored in the ADAMS system?

Data in ADAMS is stored using two servers, similar to the security used in a banking system.

2.4. Violation of the procedure for providing information about the location

In accordance with Article 2.4 of the World Anti-Doping Code and Article I.5.4 of the International Standard for Testing and Investigations, three times in a 12-month calendar period of failure to provide information / entering incorrect information / failing a doping test 'missing' is considered an anti-doping violation by the athlete and a suspension of up to two years is the basis for the application of a sanction.

Location address information not provided:

if the athlete does not provide timely information about the location address;

if the athlete does not show a one-hour interval of absolute availability;

if the athlete provides vague and incorrect information;

Missed doping test:

- the absence of the athlete at the designated location during the one-hour break.

Who should provide information about their location in the ADAMS system?

Athletes included in the national and international test list. The National Anti-Doping Agency of Uzbekistan (UzMADA) is included in the national test list of athletes of Uzbekistan, and athletes are included in the international test list of sports by international sports federations. The athlete will remain on the national test list until he is notified of his expulsion by UzMADA specialists. The athlete will remain on the international test list until notified by the relevant international sports federation.



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