To athletes

To athletes

Limitations on the period of disqualification
Limitations on the period of disqualification

During the period of disqualification, athletes or other persons are prohibited from:

participate in sports competitions or other events at any opportunity;
participation in sports competitions organized by professional leagues, international or national organizers;
participation in any sports events at the national level on sports financed by state authorities and management bodies;

Disqualified athletes can undergo a doping test. Athletes who are on the doping test list during the period of disqualification must indicate their location in the ADAMS system until they are notified of their removal from the list. UzMADA can include athletes who were not on the test list during the suspension period.


Return to sports activities

The period during which the athlete can return to training with the national team or use other premises of the club for training:

in the last two months of the disqualification period
during the last quarter of the disqualification period

An athlete or other person who has been disqualified for more than four years can participate as an athlete in local sports events after four years. If an athlete or other person is disqualified from participating in national or international sports events, this athlete or other person is not allowed to work with minors in any way.


Violation of the ban on participation during the disqualification period

If the athlete or other person violates the conditions of disqualification indicated above, the results of participation in the competition will be canceled and at the end of the first disqualification period, a new period of disqualification equal to the original period will be added.



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