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To athletes

National test list

If the Anti-Doping Agency considers it necessary to conduct a doping test several times outside the competition, the athlete will be included in the "Doping Test List".

The criteria for placing athletes on the "Doping-testing list" are sports performance and results, eligibility to participate in major sports competitions, anti-doping violations by athletes or officials responsible for them, and other factors that increase the interest of an anti-doping organization in testing a particular athlete, including the desire to resume sports activities or situations of retirement from sports.

Inclusion in the doping test list forces the athlete to provide information on his whereabouts in time. Failure to provide such information or providing false information may result in a violation of anti-doping rules.

During the competition period, even if there is no out-of-competition training, information must be provided, including periods of absence due to injury, suspension or disqualification.

The athlete remains on the "Doping-testing list" until he is notified of his removal from the "Doping-testing list" or until he informs UzMADA of his official retirement.

The athlete is personally responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of the information provided by him, regardless of whether he ordered the information to be provided to a third party (relative, coach, doctor, colleague, etc.).



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